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[Letterheads are an Essential Business Communication Tool]

In the United States, letterheads are usually printed on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper and commonly include name, address and contact information of the individual or business.

Traditionally, Letterheads were printed via offset or lithography and still are today. However with the invention of inkjet and laser printers, businesses can now print their own letterheads easily and at low cost.

Using a simple word processing program a letterhead design can be customized with the company contact information and at the same time include the correspondence before actually printing out.

Word processors also make it very easy to share the completed letterhead via email or by posting to a blog.

Although email is far more convenient and fast, mailing a traditional hard printed copy of the letterhead makes a greater impression on the client.

You can find numerous examples of letterhead designs on the internet. Free templates can also be found easily, including the ones on this site. Templates make it much easier to create your own letterhead layout. Templates are available for just about any common software program such as Word, Publisher, InDesign and many others.

Simply start with a basic design and replace the template information with your company details. Today’s software makes it easy to add logos, edit font colors or even change fonts. Many times, a simple, elegant design will look much better and more professional than a letterhead filled with too much information or excessive graphics.

Our templates are simple, effective and most of the designs take very little ink or toner to print. You will also find matching envelopes for each letterhead design on the site. We also have a site with business cards that match our letterhead designs.


letterhead 1

Letterhead Template 1 


letterhead 2

Letterhead Template 2 


letterhead 3

Letterhead Template 3 


letterhead 4

Letterhead Template 4 


letterhead 5

Letterhead Template 5 


letterhead 6

Letterhead Template 6 


letterhead 7

Letterhead Template 7 


letterhead 8

Letterhead Template 8 


letterhead 9

Letterhead Template 9 


letterhead 10

Letterhead Template 10 


letterhead 11

Letterhead Template 11 


letterhead 12

Letterhead Template 12 


letterhead 13

Letterhead Template 13 


letterhead 14

Letterhead Template 14 


letterhead 15

Letterhead Template 15 


letterhead 16

Letterhead Template 16 


letterhead 17

Letterhead Template 17 


letterhead 18

Letterhead Template 18 


letterhead 19

Letterhead Template 19 


letterhead 20

Letterhead Template 20 


letterhead 21

Letterhead Template 21 


Letterhead Design Tips

Before you begin, decide on how the letterhead will be printed. If they are to be printed on your home printer, stay away from bleeds. Bleeds allow the print to extend to the edge of the paper. Bleeds are suitable for the commercial printing process where the letterhead is printed on a larger sheet of paper and then trimmed to final size. Most home and office printers can only print to within .25 of the edge of the paper, so bleeds are usually not possible. Thermography (raised print) is another option that cannot be printed at home, so they would have to be taken to a commercial printer.

How many will you need? Printing one to 100 per month is perfect for home printing. If you plan on sending out thousands a month, you should take them to the experts. It will get very expensive in inkjet ink or toner to print thousands of letterheads, in most cases it will be much cheaper to have them printed.

Which software will you use? For printing at home, Word is usually the software of choice. However InDesign, Corel Draw and even Illustrator works great for publishing at home. When you print at home, you can compose your letter on the letterhead file and print both at the same time. If you are outsourcing, most commercial printers and copy shops can handle just about any file you bring to them.

Communicate your business information in a simple way. Only include the information needed such as company name, address, phone, email and logo. If the letterhead is too cluttered it will get in the way of the message that's printed on it, which is the most important part.

Present your brand. Use your brand's colors across all of your printed material including business cards, brochures, envelopes. Use the same font(s) throughout your marketing material. And don't overdo it on the fonts, in most cases one font family is enough. Remember you can use bold and italics from the same family. A different font can be used to highlight important information if desired.



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1 All templates on the site are free to download and use.

2 Use your favorite program to design your letterhead layout. Templates are available in Corel Draw, Publisher, InDesign and Word formats.

3 Matching envelope designs are included on this site. You can also find business cards that match the letterhead and envelope layouts at